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  Terry 12/20/2018
I have used AutoWerks for several years. Great place with friendly people who know their business. They take pride in their work and your vehicle gets what it needs, when it needs it. They will not sell you services that your vehicle does not need.
  Felton 11/23/2018
Thoughtful and expert service.
  Diane 08/16/2018
  Bobbie 06/08/2018
  David 12/14/2017
  Andrew 09/14/2017
  Linton 12/16/2016
  Peter 11/15/2018
Brought my Audi and asked them to check level of my automatic transmission fluid. Had to bring it back again and leave overnight so they can check it when cold. They could have told me this when I called the first time. So 2 trips out there, they did check the fluid and reported it was OK. They also ran a diagnostic on transmission, did not get any errors but got a sporadic error reading on the Brake system. When I picked up the car they could not even tell me what the error code means? Nonetheless they charged me over $150,. They seem knowledgeable on working on Audi but did extra work that they could not explain or fix and charged for it without authorization. Not happy but unfortunately the seem to be the only game in town.
Shop Comment
Mr. Mamuzic - We are surprised by your comments and certainly apologize if we failed to communicate clearly. We are especially sorry that you did not address these issues when you picked up your car. We did indeed check the trans. fluid level due to your concerns about the transmission operation on first cold start and your thoughts that the fluid might be low. As you know, this is a very intricate procedure on your Audi. We found the fluid level correct and its condition good. Therefore we scanned the vehicle to determine if there were any relevant fault codes in the system. We did find a code which could possibly be connected and we identified that code on your invoice. We thought we had explained that, since we found the transmission and fluid to be in good working order, we were not prepared to recommend any repairs based on this one finding but suggested waiting to see if the code returned. The bill for our service was $146.23 and the sales tax raised it over $150. We always try to provide an estimate for services and apologize if we failed to do so.
  Mike 05/31/2018
They may be proficient, but they are slow and unorganized and always happy to find the most expensive solution to your problem!
Shop Comment
We're surprised, Mr. Callaham, at your comments. The car came to us with no operational turn signals or hazard lights. Another shop had already replaced the hazard switch with no success. We recommended a staged diagnostic beginning with the simplest thing first. We explained the process and the possible costs depending on how far we had to go to isolate the problem. An issue like this can indeed take time to resolve. We encountered problems such as inaccurate wiring diagrams due to the age and peculiarity of this vehicle. Mr. Callaham, you did authorize a complete diagnostic and then elected to pick up your car before we had reached a conclusion. We charged you for the diagnostic time to that point. As far as always recommending the most expensive solution, we have seen your car once previously for a water pump repair for which there was no other option.
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